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Add Calibers to existing BSIS Exposed Firearms Permit - (8 hrs online / 6 hrs range training)

Adding Calibers to BSIS Exposed Firearms Permit Course (8 hrs online / 6 hrs range training)

Live fire range training sessions are currently available in San Diego Counties only.

No reading required other than for quizzes.

This is a hybrid firearms course. It is part online and part live. One fee covers both sections. You must complete the first online section before signing up for the live range training section. This first section is an online webinar (8 hrs) and includes:

  • Law and regulations
  • Moral and legal aspects
  • Officer safety
  • Firearms safety preview
  • Pistol and revolver parts and function overview
  • Ammunition types and function
  • Scenarios (videos and discussion)
  • Procedures following a shooting (officer’s rights and responsibilities)

The second section (practical and range day - 6 hrs) is live and includes:

  • Firearms safety
  • Range safety
  • Range rules
  • Weapons manipulation
  • Basics of shooting
  • Written exam
  • Live fire training and range qualification (Available in San Diego County Only).

Providing this course as a hybrid class improves the course it two areas:

  • It’s more convenient:
    • You only need to take one day off from work, rather than two.
    • The lecture can be taken from any web enabled device at any time.
    • You can take breaks at any time and have 120 days in which to complete the online course.
    • The course includes a practice exam and practice quizzes.
  • It’s a better course:
    • There is more and greater material in the online course than is possible in the live course due to required lunch and other breaks during a live course.
    • More time can be spent on officer safety, dealing with edged weapons and other subjects important to armed officers.
    • The practice exams and quizzes permit students to prepare for the written exam in advance.  This could not be done in the live course.


  • State law requires that your practical range qualification day must be completed within 30 days of the day you complete the online section of this course.
  • You must bring proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency in the United States in order to shoot. Original documents ONLY.  Photocopies are not accepted.  The ONLY documents that are accepted by BSIS are:
    • Birth Certificate (hospital birth certs are not accepted. Must have offical seal & document number)
    • U.S. Passport Book or Passport cards
    • DD-214
    • Valid Military ID
    • Green Card
    • INS paperwork.
  • Course fees do not include range time; ammunition or BSIS fees.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS: This is the classroom section of a Hybrid course (Classroom online / Live-fire at the range). You must complete this online course before registering for your range day. You will be given a promo code and directions to sign up for your range day at the end of the online course. The course fee covers both parts of the course.